Kangaroo KG704 wall mount fan

Kangaroo KG704 wall mount fan
outstanding features
  • High quality materials so the color is always new, compact design hanging on the wall for a more neat and beautiful home.
  • Large wingspan and alternating turning provides wide winds
  • Variable speed and wind mode
  • Powerful engine and safe for the user


Kangaroo KG704 wall mount fanis an indispensable electrical appliance in hot summer days that helps cooling the air and ensures ultra quiet operation at extremely good price and a worthy product to own in every family in this summer.

Stylish and beautiful appearance

Kangaroo KG704 wall mount fanhas a simple yet sophisticated design. In addition to the cooling function, the fan has functions as a decorative object that increases the aesthetics of your living space.

Variable speed and wind mode

The fan has three wind speeds and three wind modes give you more flexibility when choosing the wind strength to suit the weather and demand. Kangaroo KG704 is also equipped with three convenient wind speeds, including normal – natural – sleeping wind mode for a proper airflow adjustment, quiet operation and increasing fan lifetime.

Powerful engine

Kangaroo KG704 wall mount fanhas a capacity of 47W which helps the motor to operate efficiently but still save power. In addition, the fan also has a wide fan blade width, 180 degree reversal function to dissipate wind to every corner of the room.

Easy to clean

Cleaning Kangaroo KG704 wall hanging  fan frequently will improve the performance and longevity of the fan. Here are the basic cleaning steps:

Turn off the power completely and wait for the fan to stop rotating

Remove the components such as fan case, fan frame, fan cage, fan blade

Clean up the fan blades and the front and rear of the fan

Remove the surface and wipe with a soft cloth

Use a brush to clean the engine and heat sink

Put everything back on the fan and use as usual

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 47 W

Weight: 4 kg

Dimensions: 440 x 230 x 440 cm

Fan wing of 40 cm

Warranty:  12 months