Air Purifier Kangaroo KG50AP

Air Purifier Kangaroo KG50AP
outstanding features

Suitable for large spaces up to 50m2

UV Led ultra purification

Negative ions are comprehensive air cleaning

Infrared sensor technology

Filter replacement warning

Large circular cylindrical filter

3D air intakes for 3-way suction capabilities

Removes 99% fine dust with 6 filter levels

Night light mode

Convenient portable design


    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    According to a report by the World Health Organization, 80% of cities in the world do not meet air quality standards, and this number is still increasing despite the improvement of some regions. Fine dust pollution is also proportional to the number of people with cancer, as fine dust particles are so small that they can slip into the lung sac, pulmonary veins and enter the blood circulation system is extremely dangerous. dangerous.

    That is why Kangaroo Group has constantly researched to come up with the next generation of air purifiers, the Kangaroo KG50AP family air purifier with luxurious design, with many modern technology features. more efficient filtration.

    Turbo 360 vortex, effectively filtering for large spaces up to 50m2

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    KG50AP air purifier with Turbo 360 vortex blades will help create large suction and filter force, allowing clean air to spread throughout the room space up to 50m2. With a novel design, unique high-end cylindrical shape, 3D air inlets will give 3-dimensional suction capacity, large suction power and the ability to clean the room quickly and effectively.

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    Effective filtration, maximum protection with 6 levels of filters

    The Kangaroo KG50AP air purifier is designed with a unique large-sized circular cylindrical filter. The product is equipped with up to 6 levels of filtration including Pre-filter – Large dust filter – HEPA membrane – Activated carbon filter – UV Led lamp – Negative ion, purifies the air and removes up to 99% of fine dust, type minimizing bacteria with very small size, odor-causing mold in the air, returning the air fresh, clean bacteria and ensuring the health of your whole family.

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    UV Led ultra purification

    Equipped with UV Led lights that will help break down molecular bonds and disinfect, kill bacteria, turn the KG50AP Air Purifier into a harsh environment for organisms, microorganisms, bacteria, and pathogenic fungi. for easy complete removal.

    Negative ions are comprehensive air cleaning

    Impurities in the air such as smoke, dust … are usually positively charged, negative ions will attract these positively charged particles, neutralize them and fall to the ground, making the air cleaner and cleaner.

    Negative ions also have a positive effect on the health of the human body. In the cell contains a lot of mineral ions such as calcium, sodium, potassium, … and during the operation will generate bioelectric. The process of ionizing minerals will help increase metabolism, help increase oxygen in the blood and support the nervous system.

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    Touch screen Led. Infrared sensor displays fine dust pm2.5

    KG50AP home air purifier integrates modern touch control, keypad lock, … with LED screen to display functional parameters of the machine, such as filter speed, timer time, indicator fine dust pm2.5, …

    KG50AP uses modern infrared sensor technology to accurately measure indicators in the air, such as air quality, room temperature, pm2.5 fine dust index to give the filter replacement warning shown above. screen, helping users to easily control the operating mode of the machine and ensure the quality of the air in your home.

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    Convenient portable design. Filter change is easy with just 1 operation

    Kangaroo KG50AP air purifier with high-end, compact, convenient portable design, makes it easy to move the machine to place in any position in the room. ABS plastic material is safe, durable during use.

    In addition, KG50AP allows users to change the filter very easily with just one step of removing the door.

    Máy lọc không khí gia đình Kangaroo KG50AP

    Some other functions of the KG50AP Home Air Purifier

    • 3 filter modes: High / Medium / Low
    • 3 timer functions: 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours
    • Smart function: Automatically adjust the filter according to the air quality
    • Night light mode

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    Kangaroo air purifiers

    Model KG50AP

    Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz
    Wattage 50W
    Mass 4,6Kg
    Product dimensions 303 x 270 x 479 (mm)

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