Kangaroo Water Heater KG 68

Kangaroo Water Heater KG 68


    Kangaroo water heater KG68 is a compact, lightweight design that is suitable for a variety of bathroom spaces, including small bathrooms. Capacity of 22 liters to meet the demand for hot water for families with 2-3 members or more.

    Stainless steel bar 816

    Kangaroo water heater KG68 uses 816 stainless steel bar with high insulation, good heat conduction, stable temperature, super durable anti-corrosion. Heat resistance and wall has complete isolation, no electricity leakage.

    Temperature control function

    With the Kangaroo water heater KG68, the users can customize the temperature within the initial water temperature range of 75 degrees Celsius and can adjust flexibly according to demand and season. Electronic LED display shows the hot temperature during use.

    Automatically heat-maintaining mode

    The water heater can automatically maintain the required water temperature. When the water reaches the required temperature, the water tank automatically switches off. When the temperature drops 5 degrees Celsius below the set temperature, the heater automatically starts, continues to heat and keeps the hot temperature within the required range.

    Bình nước nóng Kangaroo KG68

    Multi-level security system

    Kangaroo KG68 is equipped with multi-level security system including: ELCB anti-shock, anti-overheat, anti-dryheat, anti-voltage to ensure absolute safety for users
    Insulation using high pressure pump technology

    The Kangaroo water heater KG68 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and uses the best materials available today, providing superior heat preservation, which saves a great deal of power consumption.

    Magnesium bar for corrosion protection

    The water heater is designed with a separate sewer pipe to make the cleaning simpler, easy to clean its heart at any time, ensuring that the heater’s sediment is pushed out immediately, extending the life of the container, helping prevent corrosion while increasing water quality, protecting the skin. Especially suitable for the places where there is a shortage of water and poor-qualified water.