Kangaroo antibacterial Chest Freezer KG268DM2

Kangaroo antibacterial Chest Freezer KG268DM2
outstanding features

Model Antibacterial soft freezer 2 compartment – 2 wings
High precision temperature control with electronic temperature controller
2 indoor units, soft freezer and independent cooler
The cabinet uses antibacterial silver Nano technology
Equipped with LG compressor made in Korea, smooth operation, high durability.
The 3-layer paint technology is extremely durable and keeps the color fresh.
Convenient powder coated steel basket
The wheel moves easily


  • Kangaroo soft freezer helps food in addition to freezing function. Accompanying it is the function of soft freeze preservation, which is the process that inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces the breakdown of cell bonds to keep food fresh and flavorful.
  • Soft freezer temperature is maintained between -3 and -7 degrees Celsius.

  • Two independent 99.99% copper indoor units for quick cooling: The soft freezer unit – the cooler one
  • Kangaroo soft freezer with high precision temperature control with electronic temperature controllerT
  • Antibacterial silver nanotechnology: better food preservation, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Gas R600a has high cooling efficiency and is friendly with the environment
  • LG compressors have low noise, quiet operation
  • PU insulation class: C5H10 – (CFC-free) Cyclopentane environmentally friendly
  • The cooler adjusts the temperature to suit storing different types of food
Type: Soft freezer 2 compartments, 2 wings
Capacity gross: 415 lit
Capacity net: 192 lit
Cooling compartment capacity: (net) 76 lit
Soft freezer capacity: (net) 116 lit
Average power consumption: (According to the energy stamp) 298kWh/year
Number of door: 2
Number of compartments: 2 compartment (soft – cool freeze)
Inverter technology: No
Cooler compartment temperature: 0 degrees C to 10 degrees C
Soft freezer temperature -3 degrees C to -7 degrees C
Refrigeration technology: 2 independent indoor units with 2 compartments – a combination of refrigeration
natural convection and forced convection
Slide glass: Tempered glass
Material of indoor unit: Copper
Cabinet door material: Powder coated steel
Material inside cabinet: Powder coated aluminum alloy
Body material: Powder coated steel
Utilities: The cabinet has two compartments: the soft freezer – the cool and convenient one
convenient for the preservation needs of users
Size (length * width * height) 1071 x 627 x 759 (mm)
Weight (net) 44 kg
Gas Type: R600a
Noise level: 38 – 42dB
Made in: Việt Nam
Year of manufacture 2019
Warranty period: 2 years