Electric water heater KG 236PY

Electric water heater KG 236PY
outstanding features
  • • 2-pole ELCB anti-shock : 15mA, lag 0.01 second.
  • • Automatic break dual thermal relay 55ºC/90ºC (anti-burn, heating bulb fire resistance).
  • • MCU integrated control circuit.
  • • Minimum water flow: 1.5 litters/minute.
  • • Pressure: 0.02MPa – 0.6MPa
  • • Electric leakage protection, Overheating protection.
  • • Lamp to be on in case of leakage current.
  • • Degree of protection IP25.
  • • 5-option chrome-plated shower.
  • • Water-regulating valve 3 in 1.
  • • Voltage: 240V/50Hz
  • • Power: 4,500W
  • • Weight: 1,3 – 1,8 kg
  • • Dimension: 375x225x75 (mm)



Kangaroo Direct Water Heater KG236PY is designed to be compact, delicate and suitable for all bathroom spaces. Kangaroo KG236PY is a water heater and direct use, with a large capacity of up to 4500W for rapid heating of hot water, users will not have to wait long to use hot water again.

The direct water heater is equipped with a high sensitivity flow sensor that ensures sufficient supply of water before the heater is activated, preventing overheating of the water causing burns to the user.

The Kangaroo KG236PY incorporates a 15mA ELCB anti-recoil function, which automatically shuts down the circuit for 0.05 seconds if there is a difference between the input current. Therefore, users will be absolutely safe when using water from the water heater.

The water heater is equipped with automatic alarm bells with increased safety in the product, water heater check and error detection or failure. In any case, errors are detected during installation or during use, the bell will automatically alert the user.

Kangaroo KG236PY works super quietly, no noise with the guideline of protecting life safe. It is the leading way for smart products.

Feature Information of Kangaroo Direct Water Heater KG236PY

Delicate design

Power: 4.500W

Type of control: Electronic

Minimum water flow: 1.5 liters / minute

Waterproof IP25

Temperature control / steady power

Electronic PCB driver circuit

2 pole ELCB


Supercharged D / C pump

High sensitivity flow sensor

3 IN 1 Water inlet valve

Five-function shower head, luxurious CROME showerhead

High efficiency boiler – High heat resistance

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